Wednesday, April 3, 2024

April 2024 Artificial Intelligence in Genealogy

On April 3rd, the Genealogy SIG watched a pre-approved class taught by Thomas MacEntee and shared by Legacy Family Webinars on "Artificial Intelligence in Genealogy".  

We were not able to share the video link with you, nor the handout, but I took notes and created a handout based on what we heard.

  •  Bard is now Gemini.
    •  There is a free version and an advanced version
    • Can upload an article and have it either transcribed or summarized
  • Chat GPT/3.5 is free version and run by a non-profit
    • The 4.0 version is a paid and much improved
    • Has sources

  •  Most AI’s use LLM (learning language model)
  •  Grammerly can be used to help you compose a written document
  • My Heritage Photos – can estimate date, and make face/eyes move
  • The 1950 Census transcription was done by AI. Volunteers are now going through and verifying it was done correctly
  •  OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software is 80% accurate, AI is over
    • 90% accurate and constantly improving
  • You can ask AI questions like:  
    • What was life like in _______________ in __________________year
    •  What records can I use to locate an ancestor who arrived at _____________ in ___________ year

  •  AI is constantly updating
  • Future uses for AI in Genealogy are:
    •  DNA Triangulation tools, i.e. Banyan dna
    • Ability to convert documents from one language to another
    • Source citations
    •  Use historical newspapers more efficiently
    • Identify ancestors in old photos
    • Suggest records to explore to expand your searches